PETA and the Pope about to get in catfight

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle, IJS, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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The people who are so capricious and looney that they made pet-loving a crime of passion have chosen someone of a higher order to pick on – your favorite Pope and mine, B16.

No, no. It’s true. Look here for more information.

What? They ran out of D-bags walking Rodeo Drive in search for that full-length sable coat (in the middle of August no less) to pour red paint on?

Now that every leather-wearing, cow-eating, uncaged-chicken-frying person on either coast shoots first and asks questions later, the animal rights group has decided to make a jaunt for safety across the ocean in search for headlineser, for another cause.

Evidently, the Pope has an affinity for cats and remarkably, he wears a lot of fur. Hmmmm… someone call Geraldo!

Corriere della Sera newspaper had photos Benedict and one of his predecessors, Pope John XIII, wearing an ermine-trimmed hat and cape. It put the shots next to a picture of a live stoat. Ermine is the white winter fur of the stoat, which has been used to trim the crowns, ceremonial hats and robes of European royalty, aristocrats, judges and popes for centuries.

So, Il Papa wants to rock the Santa Claus look. They’re both of German descent, maybe it runs in the family? You know it’s bad enough Pope Benedict’s penchant for fashion has been under the ire of Mr. Blackwell because he likes to get nice on the dance floor, now he has to deal with people asking for pictures of Snowball to ensure she just “hasn’t lost a lot of weight.”

Give the guy a break. He’s the Pope, not Ralph Lauren. He makes a modest salary, drives a hooptie and has to get his robes bedazzled because he can’t afford the real stuff. You know, gas prices. Besides, his old, frumpy ears get cold in the winter. What’s a pontiff to do?

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