Bill Gaither: “Coming to Wal-Mart is like coming home”

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor
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Apparently, high gas prices have gotten the best of arguably the most successful Christian touring bus group in… ever as the Gaithers have officially sold out.

No, not on their beliefs – they are too tried and true for that. I mean, as in the commercialism of the Gospel, according to the hilarious story from

In a world where prayer is as instant as coffee, blessings are as expected as the rent and the scripture is as lukewarm as an ice bath; the world-famous “Gaither Homecoming” Tour is holding its next acclaimed production in Bentonville, Ark. to attract the eye of well, the entire city?

Yeah, as in the global headquarters of Wal-Mart. In a word? Genius! Puh-lease.

You don’t think they will sell more DVDs and CDs of that Homecoming than maybe all of their others put together… in the first month? Say what you will, Wal-Mart is a fine oiled machine and the Gaithers have an audience as loyal as Green Bay Packer or New York Yankee fans. Those two together make for a lovely recipe that will create for some “fat” dividends.

“The combination of gospel favorites and a celebration of low prices is a welcome theme to our audience,” says Gaither. “For believers, coming to Wal-Mart is like coming home.”

Oh, Lord have mercy! Are you telling me the PR machine of Wal-Mart already got Bill Gaither TALKING POINTS?! Look at the seasoned brother getting nice by towing the company line. Work your jelly, brother. I just wonder who is preaching the message at the concert? Larry the Cable Guy exclaiming “You know what Jesus did with my sins? He got ‘er done.” IJS.

No offense to Wal-Mart. Believe me, I am a frequent supporter of its ministry, but come on Bill! I know what’s in my home and some of the dregs that I have bumped into trolling the aisles of America’s low price leader are not what I would consider “take home to see mama” material.

Ah well, this possible last hurrah gives an entirely new meaning to “Redeemed” (as in coupons) and “I’m free” (as in most of the other stuff on its endcaps). Good times, indeed.

  1. David Naw says:

    Dear brother in Christ,

    I’m so thankful to God for your singing and praising to lord.
    May God bless you.

    David Naw

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