MOVE 2008: McCain muddles his faith

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, IJS, Politics, Spin Doctor
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If you are die-hard republican (not necessarily a “conservative” but we can get into that later), you have been languishing in a sea of despair with your elephant-tattooed floaties waiting for John McCain to say something, anything about his faith.

He did in a recent exclusive with CBN… well, kinda.

Today his campaign released an excerpt of the senator’s memoir Faith of My Fathers to conservative grassroots groups nationwide.

Hey, McCainiancs. Tap the brakes on the parade route. You don’t see a couple of issues here:

  1. This was NOT an interview with CBN where John McCain proselytizes his faith and proclaims his love for God. It was a few pages of a book he had ghostwritten that he thought sounded imploring.
  2. Did I mention it was from a book? THAT’S CALLED SELF-PROMOTION OF A BOOK DEAL, FOLKS! He is doing nothing but finagling CBN to sell more copies of his book to the Bible Belt.

What’s so funny is the cracked crew at CBN just let him do it. The Bleeding Red Republicans are so hungry for a candidate that stands tall on the Bible, they are willing to do anything to give Ol’ Shorty a boost. Pathetic.

Here’s another riveting snippet from his press releaseer, excerpt:

The senator’s campaign defended the candidate’s silence, saying that although “McCain is a strong Christian, he believes that, in the context of the campaign, his faith is a personal issue.”

MEMO to the bemused team of John McCain: There are no such things as “personal issues” when running for president in today’s media-starved society. Look at John Edwards, and he was just RUMORED for the Veepstakes. He was hanging out at the crib waiting for a phone call from a savior when he was got caught with his…um, hand… in the cookie jar.

No, if you were hoping to shore up the Republican base in this country, you did just the opposite. Nicely done. I guess we know the latest statistics to the rising unemployment numbers, huh?

  1. hiscrivener says:

    MEMO to all Wall Watchers: Check out the “brick laying” on our newest Brick in the Wall, “Independent Conservative”


  2. petermlopez says:

    Too funny. Great post as always, scrivener.

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