FLDS: More charges for the Mormon sect

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Follow up, On Your Wall
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Just when you thought it was safe to take your 13-year old out of the house to party, they’re baaaaaaaaaack.

We have spent the past couple of months discussing the wiles of this maverick sect from the greater cult hub, and there is still more lent and cookie crumbs stuck in-between the couch pillows of this nasty living room. As noted in the linked story from MSNBC:

Tela Mange, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Safety, told NBC the investigation involved about 20 claims of abuse and 50 claims of bigamy involving sect members. She said it was unclear how many cases ultimately would be pursued.

Here’s the question of the day: How come the MEN in this insane asylum escaped scrutiny? I mean, we heard about the women, the children, their whack-job leader and then the most expensive child custody case of the century. Mysteriously, amidst all that perturbation, the men skate out of that compound through the back door without a whiff of camera coverage. How else did tweenagers have babies? The freakin’ stork?! Wake up, people.

Here’s an idea since no one in south Texas has the light bulb sparking. Why not stick all the men from the Texas compound – including its morally-defective, spiritually-degenerative leader Warren Jeffs chained to a certain box that uh, ticks – and gas the whole thing. If these men are all that twisted and perverted to think a prepubescent girl would make an ideal wife, they are beyond help. Maybe if they each got a personal ad from some trannies, that’ll fix ’em. Who knows?

However, probably the most harrowing statement of this entire story is this:

The sect’s doctor was charged with three counts of failing to report child abuse.

Let me get this right. This nut house had a licensed doctor checking on these pistachios. Given the massive amount of child birth in there, I guess he thought it was something in the water. So, he checks on the girls as they become of age (you know, 10 in there) and found “abuse”.

Yet, despite is Hippocratic Oath, he decided to just become a sardonic hypocrite. Are you serious? I have it said it before, but there is a special room heater laced with kerosene in hell for this dude. Too bad. Just when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir thought it was OK to sing again, along comes this report to stifle their voices and get the LDS back to Spin Control.

Stay tuned.

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