Apocalypse Watch: Senator sues God

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, On Your Wall, Politics, Spin Doctor
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YES, you read that correctly. A human being is created an actual law suit to filed against God Almighty. Think I’m kidding? Not so much according to ABC News.

[Nebraska State Senator] Chambers asked Douglas County District Judge Marlon Polk on Tuesday to let his lawsuit proceed. Chambers said he wants to make the point that everyone should have access to the courts regardless of whether they are poor or have the means of billionaire Warren Buffett of Omaha.

Access? Victoria Osteen being sued for 10 percent of her assets because she can be a biyatch thinks this law suit is out-of-hand. Are you serious, dude?

Listen, just get on your time-traveling chariot, ring the bell and ask St. Peter at the majestic Golden Gates. When you see him, try to appeal to his sense of reason. Oh sure, he was known for being a little hot-headed, but he’ll understand when you tell him by suing the benevolent creator of the universe who did nothing but love this world that seems to loathe him, you are just “making a point”.

Yeah, I think that will go over well as Ol’ Pete pulls the lever, the clouds opens beneath your feet and you flail desperately on your way to a, uh… warmer climate.

Have fun serving that subpoena anyway as it seems the only way to do is suicide.

“Despite my most sincere, zealous efforts, I could not find a location to serve the defendant,” Chambers said.

It’s not a Christian thing to say at all, so I’ll just think it. [Cue harp music… Maybe that suicide thing isn’t a bad idea for this waste of space]. All I know if this tool gets re-elected to office, the citizens of Omaha should have all voting privileges revoked.


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