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Well, it’s about that time, movie buffs.

Come one, come all to “Billy: The Early Years” (which we posted on the Wall in May). Oh, you mean you haven’t heard about it? Yeah, apparently you aren’t alone. It seems among all the ballyhoo surrounding a certain Dark Knight, an Iron Man and a drunk anti-superhero, no one has room for another true life hero? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Yes… hero!

Trust me, that’s not a HiScrivener verbal flub. I don’t call athletes “heroes” and football players do not play on a “battlefield”. Food is not “to die for”, your country is. There is no human being that can discredit or minimize what Billy Graham has meant to this world, and people that have done far less have received much more acclaim in those twisted lettered hills of California. In a time (1940s-70s) when the world needed hope in the face of two horrific wars, he seemed to be the only one around shedding the light of God in a dark world.

So now… after the amazing real story [said in my best gravely “movie trailer guy” voice] comes this movie that so deserves better than what this story says in the Christian Post.

In short, the movie is having “advanced screenings” (which is movie lingo for “before it goes straight to DVD”) of this biopic in ubiquitous ministry centers and trailer parks throughout the South to create a buzz. Depressing. You mean, BILLY GRAHAM can’t get more love in Hollywood than say… oh, X-Files or another M. Night Shyamalan flop [and believe me, that thing dropped with a loud THUD!]

Maybe this has something to do with it:

According to The Guardian, the film’s producers are still trying to get the blessings of Billy Graham and his family, including son Franklin, who was reportedly was not thrilled about not having been shown a script before the movie was made.

Nice. That’s the way to spark some cred about a movie. Ignore the family whom the movie is based and create it on books you have read instead. Sweet. What’s next? Produce an archaeologist adventure movie known for capturing famed pieces of antiquity and have him find ALIENS instead? Oh wait.

Well, without further adieu, my effort to build the buzz. Spread the Word, Wall Watchers. I don’t trust how good it will be, but I trust Billy Graham deserves the effort. It’s just a shame the producers of “The Early Years” are asking for the Church’s help a bit too late.

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