The real ‘Westside Story’ with an ironic biblical twist

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Above the Fold, Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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You remember the play.

Set in Hell’s Kitchen, 1950s when duck butts, leather jackets and having a bent eight were the rage. Hepcats and their smokes rolled up in a sleeve trying to show off for the dollies racing for pinks. Craaa-aaaazy man!

Well, fast forward to today in Anaheim, Calif., only it’s not the “Jets” and the “Sharks” involved in the story. It’s the oldest gangs in history – Christians and lions, heaven and hell, angels and demons… you know, God and Satan. Huh? It’s true, only it was played out in a Costa Mesa bar where three bikers were injured in a brawl.

Meet the Hell’s Angels and the Set Free Soldiers. Nice.

Two biker gangs at polar opposite sides of the theological spectrum were involved in a barroom brawl the other day. (No, I really can’t make this stuff up.) Two Hells Angels were stabbed and a Set Free Soldier was hit on the head with a pool ball. [Let’s see, Satan – 1, God – 2. Well, go God!] And after 150 patrol officers and SWAT members raided the Costa Mesa bar, both sides of this religious kerfuffle were arrested.

The members of the Set Free Soldiers group were arrested for investigation of conspiring to commit murder, Newport Beach police spokesman Sgt. Evan Sailor said. The three Hells Angels were taken into custody for investigation of assault and drug possession.

Seriously?! What’s next? A terse basketball player waits for the circus to come to town so he can fight a midget clown and bill it as a modern-day ‘David and Goliath’. How about a zookeeper that loves his job too much, considers Greystoke to be his hero and then freaks out one day, marches to his bosses’ office and screams, “Let my people go!” Or I know, I know. Let’s get a powerful, notable person – say, a presidential candidate – to call himself a Messiah and half the nation fawns after him causing the other half to call him the “Antichrist.” Oh wait, that story line is already taken.

Ah well, boys will be boys. Only these had a bit more leather, a gallon more sweat and about 500 pounds more of side pork. I just wonder what set this fisticuffs off? Bad witnessing? The classic argument about oneness v. trinitarians flare up? Maybe one swarthy and chunky biker said to the other, “Do you feel pretty?” Yeah, that’ll do it.

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