More proof to send the Ichthus back to sea

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle, Keep it real, On Your Wall, WWJD
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This has already been a fun post on the Wall, but it begs repeating, what’s the use of the Ichthus?!

I understand its creation in the early Church and how it was subterfuge for believers who would drag their feet a certain way, but today, it’s more “Secondhand Witnessing” as stated so well in this blog post on “Today’s Christian Woman.”

“HiScrivener, it’s an expression of my faith and everyone on the freeway can see I love Jesus.” I get that, but you ain’t perfect, leadfoot. Folk get on our nerves driving such as blue hairs in the fast lane, people on BIKES in the slow lane and what seems to be the visually impaired driving big pick-em up trucks who can’t decide what lane they want to be in at all. I’m just saying your nerves are the devil’s playground too, Mister and Missus Fishy Driver. Be mindful.

What brings this up? Meet Thomas Howell, pastor of the First Commandment Church of the Living God in East Walnut Hills (outside Cincinnati, Ohio).

This spry 71-YEAR OLD preacher hearts Jesus on the freeway too, but in a moment of vehicular reality (and an apparent fit of rage), he was caught. You know, being a deranged, psychopathic human on the road with a fish behind the wheel.

Howell was driving his car from his College Hill home to his church the morning of June 23. He turned at the intersection of Burnet and Forest avenues when, he testified, a car cut him off. The other car was driven by April Evans, a cook at two local restaurants. She testified the preacher pulled up alongside her car, pointed a gun at her, called her a name and asked if she knew who she was messing with before threatening to shoot.

Stay classy, Rev. Wall Watchers, this would indeed be a really bad example of witnessing on the road. Why not, run her off the road, get her to hit a stop sign and then get out and pray for a healing? It could be a revival service at the local Conoco. Man, that’s church, right Rev.? Just make sure you are being transparent. Take it away, Tommy:

Howell denied to police and at Monday’s trial that he ever pointed his gun at her. In fact, he said he never removed it from his holster that day. Then how, the judge wondered, did Evans know that Howell – a man she’d never met before – had a gun. “I think that the only reason Ms. Evans would know that (Howell) had a gun in the vehicle is that he pointed it at her,” the judge said in finding Howell guilty.

DOH! Maybe that Ichthus should have been left in the Christian bookstore in the first place? You just aren’t that great at this “extemporaneous preaching” are you? My sole prayer is that you didn’t have a WWJD bumper sticker. I mean, you wouldn’t want people to think you were actually following heavenly orders, right? Oh yeah, you already screwed that part up. Oh well, enjoy your prayer services in the clink.

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  2. thatdengfilipino says:

    Aw. That’s all bad. I thought the irony of speeding Christians on the freeway was bad enough (of which I’m guilty of, heh).

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