“God bless you” don’t pay the bills

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Above the Fold, Inside 411, Networking, Spin Doctor
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FOX News recently did a brilliant expose on a faceless and merciless pandemic that has throttled the Church since the Reconstruction era, and the summation quote is right here in the story:

“I and my wife are stepping out in faith that God will provide for us,” he told FOX News.

Stepping out for what? Working at a church and not having insurance to protect your family. MEMO to the English major here: There is a Grand Canyon of separation between “stepping out in faith” and being pushed out of the friggin’ boat!

This is a inane and unforgivable aspect of working for the Lord – “God bless you” don’t pay the bills. Yet, more and more church workers are forced to deal with this every day. What’s worse than the smaller church where EVERYONE is plagued with “Spiritual Roulette”, is when folk work for some megalomaniac living high on the hog but they are only pulling in $25K, has a raggedy trailer and can’t pay the bill collectors that call daily.

An executive pastor of a small Heartland of America church can’t call the lien holder on his house and say, “But, but, I’m a pastor. What if I prayed for you? Would that help my balance?” If the child of some senior pastor at a local independent church runs ill, what happens? He takes baby to the ER and stands on a table in the waiting room, preach 30 minutes on healing and tries to collect an offering to pay for the hospital fees he will soon incur. Why? No insurance. He, uh, “stepped out of the boat” too.

Faith is the Christian’s umbrella to endure any storm that comes our way, but material blessings should be our dang galoshes and raincoat because that’s how we take care of our family, our bills, ourselves and oh yeah, THE CHURCH! It’s a cycle of blessing, and the sooner the Church realizes that, these pastors who have a call but no covering will be protected. Because you know, while the government is bailing out large corporations, the small businesses are left to suffer.

So, the next time I hear a wobbly-kneed argument about “There’s another church asking for money,” here is Exhibit A. These are more than churches, people. They are small businesses, with employees who have needs just like flipping burgers, sitting in a cube or revolving around your corner office. It would be a shame if your boss spoke to you like that come payday, huh?

There is a special place on this wall for church workers, ministry minions and others in the mission field languishing without protection (and a small hedge fund) for your families. You are doing the majestic work of God on earth. God’s people should take care of you much better than they are. God is faithful, so while you are hanging out in the sea of life with your spiritual floaties, remember you are not alone.

  1. Wonderful…right on! I’ve been a missionary fulltime since 1999 and God has always proven faithful. There were years when we had health insurance and years we did not. But whenever I, or my wife and daughter, got sick…God always provided the exact amount of money we needed to pay the doctor.

    Another point, just because we live in America it doesn’t mean we ALL HAVE TO HAVE INSURANCE. And if someone doesn’t have insurance that does not make him or her less of a person. My car, my healthcare plan, my house, my stuff, or income, or career do not define my identity. Jesus defines my identity. I am who I am in Him alone. I can go without a car, or insurance, and still live a happy successful, blessed existence. I wonder: Did Job, from the Old Testament, have insurance?

    Tim Van Arsdale
    Author, You’ve Got Spam! a refreshing collection of e-mails regarding mercy ministry.

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