Quentin Jackson’s latest ‘rampage’ may have taken a life

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, WWJD
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Full disclosure here: HiScrivener is a PPV-watchin’, TUF-recordin’, Jesus-didn’t-tappin’ MMA fanatic.

Oh look! It's Chuck Liddell's truck.

Oh look! It's Chuck Liddell's truck. Isn't it?

So, when I see this tragic story about former light heavyweight champ Quentin “Rampage” Jackson, I get a little distressed.

You see, here’s Rampage. He just lost the belt in a wonderful fight (and yes, Jesus Freaks can enjoy and participate in MMA. Don’t get me started… yet), so you would expect him to be a little downtrodden.

One lovely SoCal night, CHiPs get a report that a pickup fled the scene of an accident. So here comes Ponch and Baker trolling down the 55 near Costa Mesa searching for a peculiar pick-em up truck.


Yeah, Rampage fled an accident driving a dang billboard screaming down the highway, “Hi, I am an MMA fighter and this is my Glamour Shot!” Is one of the best strikers in the business really Forrest Gump? I mean if this isn’t the epitome of “Stupid is as stupid does,” I quit my day job!

Anywhoo, he gives chase when he sees the cops, heads into one-way traffic, hits another car and then stopped. Seriously? It lasted awhile but then Quentin figured, “Where would I ditch it without them knowing it’s my truck?” So, he stopped, got taken to the pokey and was ostensibly released on $25K bail (that’s it?) And you ask…

Well, the lady he hit was 16 weeks pregnant and she miscarried. Here’s the story, thanks to the Newport Beach Daily Pilot. Not good.

Holli Griggs, 38, was driving her 2007 Cadillac Escalade in the left lane on the southbound 55 Freeway just south of Bay Street on July 15 when Jackson’s gray-and-green pick-up truck sideswiped her as he drove along the median lane at about 45 mph, California Highway Patrol officials said. Prosecutors have yet to file charges against Jackson, a former light heavyweight champion for the Ultimate Fighting Championship who remains free on $25,000 bail. Prosecutors would not comment on any potential charges due to Griggs’ miscarriage.

So, why is this on the Wall? How is this a note for the Church? Note this separate (and related) story about his trainer’s [Juanito Ibarra] angst and this conflicting with his faith. Both he and Quentin are faithful Christians. (Note: Christians are nowhere near perfect. Just trying to worship a perfect God, so read without prejudice).

“I’m devastated by what he’s been through and some of the things I’ve heard,” said Ibarra. “I’ve not sat down with Quinton to this day to discuss things. I pray for his well-being, and if I helped Quinton out a little bit with his growth in the sport, then I’ve been very blessed and honored to do that. I love this kid with all my heart, and I wish him nothing but the best.”

In conclusion, a MEMO is needed to Quentin, his road rage and evident lead foot: What the eff, brother?

Yes, you got scared. Yes, you were thinking, “I’m famous. I hit her. She will sue me like mad.” Yes, you didn’t want to give UFC the bloody nose Forrest Griffin gave you. But, dude! You have to stop… look at that truck!

Aside from that, you are a child of God. WWJD? Hello? McFly? Render aid. Ensure her safety. Do what my lil’ Wall Watcher says, “It was for accident.” And then smile really big. When you take on the title of “Christian,” the world is watching and the enemy is plotting. If this was a test, you didn’t pass. Pray Quentin. Pray like you train – hard and often.

And before you ask, no we aren’t saying, “Baby killer!” If anything caused that lady to miscarry, it was stress. Albeit, stress you caused, but all of this could have been avoided – the accident, the issues with her, the arrest, the innuendo, the embarrassment – if you just thought about the one sticker that remarkably isn’t on that gaudy truck of yours, Quentin, “WWJD?”

UFC has no comment, nor should they when you read what Griggs’ fiance said, “No amount of money will bring back my son.” Yeah, they knew. And now, so does the whole world.

  1. Settor94 says:

    Returning to unexpected authority, I think I see how this is so. ,

  2. Barbara84 says:

    They can be difficult to create and maintain. ,

  3. […] Wall has chronicled a couple of posts on a terrible incident involving a former UFC champ and a lighthearted, jammin’ post on Jesus not tapping, but this is not a story in origin, […]

  4. hiscrivener says:

    Who said it did? It had to do with his inability to juggle his meds, sleep and the job all at once. He had a bad spell with his trainer, losing the belt and questioning things. This was the perfect storm, unfortunately, the clouds collided with other vehicles causing some serious damage.

    Being a Christian doesn’t give you carte blanche to make great decisions, live a good lifestyle or even be a good person. It simply means you are on your way if you decide to willfully allow Jesus to help you with your decision-making process.

    As for Christians and wars, we have a good track record – not doing it, just winning them. But “religion” is inherently evil. Jesus, and a relationship with him, is quite the opposite. I’m living proof of that.

  5. don chamuco says:

    I dont believe that this incident had any thing to do with his religious beliefs. Sounds like he may have some emotional or organic disorder that is psychological. Or drug related. He is clearly in crisis mode and I dont think it is because he lost the fight. Many fighters just like actors have serious psychological issues, a great majority of them are bi polar, my hunch is that Rampage was having an episode and off his meds. WWJD? if he were bi polar and speeding in a truck paranoid out of his mind, yeah he may have stopped and done the right thing, but he is the Son of God, it is an insult to compare anyone to God. Further more my religious friend, being a so called Christian does not make you a Good person. Just because you go to a building and pray or talk about a book that was written by man does not qualify anyone as holier than thou. As a matter of fact religious people are some of the most judgemental and cruel people that ive ever met. So if you dont believe what i say then you will be sent somewhere to suffer for ever, oh yeah, Jesus loves you so much! As long as you do what a human says he wants you to do. If not then you know what will happen, better do what that book or some mortal tell you he wants you to do. Remember if I could beat you or kill you for not beleiving what i do i probably would not, but i guarantee you that any hard core religious person would have no problem killing for his belief (WWJD?). Remember chief, all religions are inherently evil and discriminating.

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