The latest post to our frolic-filled series on God and politics brings us – ironically – one step closer to the Rapture. You see, according to many in the media and NOW JOHN MCCAIN, Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ!

No seriously. All the signs are there. Just check out the video and we’ll discuss. G’head. I’ll wait.

Now then. Don’t you feel edified and deceived all at once? I’m perplexed with the kerfuffle in this ad. It’s polarizing to say the very least.

On one hand, I am completely offended, Johnny Boy. There is a cornucopia of issues to discuss (you remember what those are). From economy to energy, saving lives to hot wives (well, only John could discuss that one), you can do an ad for anything. Instead, you poke a stick in the beehive of Christianity and do it in the name of making a hollow point! What are you thinking? Is this your [COUGH] “honorable campaign”?

If I’m on your side, I see the point and with my tongue firmly planted in cheek, I would grin… maybe even chuckle. If I am on Obama’s side, I would sit by my PC and laugh all the way to the polls… stridently opposed to voting for you.

But I’m not. Suffice to say, I’m on God’s side and this ad blows.

Barack Obama is as close to being the Antichrist as HiScrivener is to becoming the president (however, if someone is interesting in campaigning on that ticket, holla’ at your boy!)

Come November, I’m not going to the polls searching for the next Messiah. And the only ‘healing’ either of you guys will give the Body of Christ is that to our gas tanks when you remove the red tape from yet another ’10-year plan’.

Is this how far political hackery and presidential hopeful mudslinging has come? Mocking Christianity at the attempt of a few jeers and tweak even more fears?!

Just because this cat flies to Berlin “faking it until he makes it” on a foreign policy tour, while shedding a minutes in his schedule for the laughable pharisaism at the Wailing Wall, doesn’t make him Satan’s avenging angel. He’s some dude on the prowl for a photo-op like a Cougar at a teen night club!

Nevermind everyone in the world seemingly has picked up on his “hair of wool and feet of brass.” You should consult your Bible for any questions about any deity running for office, not the cover of Time magazine. And as for “seeing the light”? The only shine that will stare me in the face is that of a lit polling booth when I see both of your sorry names and feel convicted if I don’t pick one.

But hey, the ballyhoo sure is entertaining. As the Church focuses on the ISSUES, God bless us all, indeed.

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