Jesus saves lives and stops traffic

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, IJS, On Your Wall
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If you spend any time in church or around evangelical folk, you have certainly heard, “We serve a big God.” Well, if those people have been driving along I-35 in Kansas City, they would quickly respond, “Ya’ think?”

How can they be so sure? Is there another Todd Bentley outpouring we need to know about? Did someone see the Virgin Mary in a filthy sink at whose stains we need to flock, worship and hold our breath? Not quite.

Meet the Big J.C. (his statuesque profile seen in the picture)

According to the story, Jesus of the Himalayas here is 25 feet tall, weighs four tons and overlooks the highway. What church can you find it? Don’t worry… you can’t. It’s some tools backyard!

So why stick a finger at the FCC and its flight plans hovering downtown KC? Apparently, it’s not for show:

The best person to answer that question would be the man who commissioned the statue — the owner of the property — but he doesn’t want the attention. It isn’t shame, Harrison said. It’s that the owner wants this to be about Christ.

“Doesn’t want the attention?” Stick a near three-story sculpture of a risen Savior in the same place where your dogs hide bones and other prizes, have a home right off a major thoroughfare and you don’t want the attention?! Uh, yeah.

Either dude isn’t quite sure what attention means or he’s got a serious beef with the City about some unresolved potholes on his street. Wanna get the “attention” of the transportation department? This’ll do it


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