Da Vinci Code is a Pain in the Pope’s Assets

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, On Your Wall
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You remember the Knights Templar?

That vagabond group of hooligans known for liberating the Holy Land and have since become BFFs with the Holy See and every Pontiff since the days of those hallowed Crusades.

No? How about the mystical monastic order rumored to be guardians of the Holy Grail? Oh, those Knights Templar! Yeah, amazing how Hollywood strikes mental bells like Quasimodo, eh?

Anywhoo, don’t believe the press – namely not the one the Pope runs out of the Vatican. It’s a sham. They just hold hands for the press junkets and new book signings by Dan Brown.

Evidently, things aren’t coming up incense with this relationship, at least not according to this interesting story from the UK Register.

The Knights Templar are demanding that the Vatican give them back their good name and, possibly, billions in assets into the bargain, 700 years after the order was brutally suppressed by a joint venture between the Pope and the King of France.

Well, that’s sweet. Just when you thought Indiana Jones found the pesky grail and the “Da Vinci Code” lied about it, reality sets in with this story. Speaking of the Grail, I wonder what 700 years of antiquity will do for its resale value. Anyone know any reputable pawn shops in the Vatican we can visit? Anyone?

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