Christian government leader creates his own exodus

Posted: August 1, 2008 in On Your Wall
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DATELINE: Anderson, South Carolina (Isn’t that all about all the disclaimer you need for this story :)).

Meet Cory Burnell.

This is a man who apparently loves the Lord, but has aspirations that can be traced back to the Lone Star State, circa 1836. You see, well… I’ll just let him say it:

The leader of Christian Exodus says the group still hopes to create a Christian government in South Carolina, despite the decision by its founder to step down. Keith Humphrey told the Anderson Independent-Mail the focus of the group is still to create an independent Christian nation.

If I were a betting man, I would garnish my wages for a full year that this cat hopes to create the JesuStates with his own arsenal and the White-throne-of-Judgment House would be located somewhere near a nice tin foil roofed bunker he calls “The New Jerusalem.”

Any takers?

Well, don’t fret Wall Watchers in the Carolinas. It turns out this self-proclaimed leader of secession has bigger fish to fry – the rent.

Burnell had planned to move to Anderson, but he says a job offer with a Seneca company was withdrawn. He says the pressures of self-employment and family have kept him from being an effective leader.

That’s refreshing during this tumultuous political season – a man running for his office that has his priorities in order. Amway, all the way! You go boy!

  1. Thank you for pointing out that Cory Burnell has his priorities straight. There are 4 realms of government which are all under God: self, family, church and civil. In order to be successful at civil government, one must govern himself and his family well… Just think what a blessing it would be if the majority of our legislators practiced this as well as Cory Burnell?

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