Chicago priest caught with his hand in the offering plate

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Denominational Fun, IJS, On Your Wall
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I once heard a preacher say, “Some things you can’t move away from. Sin is a freeloader, it has no address.”

Well, you wouldn’t think Satan had the small community of Roselle, Ill. on his GPS unit, but evidently he does and that’s where we meet Rev. John Regan of St. Walter’s Parish.

Wait a minute… Peter… Paul… Thomas… Francis of Assisi… but, Walter?! Yeah, he’s got a canon to his credit too. Anywhoo…

Rev. here was placed on the ubiquitous “administrative leave” for allegedly “misappropriating $112,000 in church cash to fund a gambling habit, a spokesman said Wednesday.”

The only way you “misappropriate” that kind of scratch is win your horse didn’t come in, or you just became the proud new owner of a sleek Lamborghini. Regretfully, it was the former that bit him.

“Financial records indicate that a clear majority of the misappropriation is related to gambling, indicating an apparent gambling addiction,” [spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Joliet] Delaney reported in a statement. “Father Regan has already begun therapy in relation to that addiction.”

It’s unknown what’s going to happen to Father Stickyfingers, but one thing is for certain – he best get his job back considering all of the priests still off the unemployment line (never mind in the jail house) from all their “alleged” altar boy mishaps.

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