God Sighting of the Month: Praise Cheesus

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, Spin Doctor
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Consider this one a bonus round, because it’s well worth it.

This month, we have already had some who obviously needs prayer for glaucoma who saw Jesus in the bark of a palm tree. However, I couldn’t hold on to this one until August because it’s that ridiculous.

Saints, get ready and bow at the altar of the hallowed [GULP] “Cheesus”. See his cute lil’ Glamour Shot there?

Kelly Ramey, [a High Ridge, Missouri woman], says, “I think I found Jesus on a Cheeto as funny as that sounds.”

OH NO! What in the world of all things sacred – and edible – makes you say that?! Why would finding the Son of God replicated on a nasty puffed chip make you think that’s a tad strange?

Sounds normal to me. About as typical as God giving you the answer to life’s questions not in the Bible, but in a nice bowl of Alpha Bits!

But what’s worse is this fool gets national headlines! Are the media so hungry for a real experience with God that they would rather give three minutes to the “Cheese of Cheeses” than you know, get their tails in a church and learn about Jesus personally?

So, you ready for Spin Control?

The pastor of Kirkwood United Methodist Church does not see anything theologically special about the Cheeto, but thinks some good could come from it. Pastor David Bennett says, “If people can find Jesus, somehow, in each of us like she’s found in this object, that would be a wonderful thing.”

COUGH! Sorry, that was a little throw up in my mouth. Hey, Rev. You really think this chip will cause her to think, “Thank you God. I was looking for a sign that you were alive, and I found it in my kids sack lunch.” If so, well, I’ll laugh out loud, roll on the floor and repent. However, let’s get real… it’s a CHIP!

What’s next? Tasting the spirit of God in some Salt & Vinegar Lays? Reliving Moses turning his staff into a snake by commanding some beef jerky into that dude in the Slim Jim commercials? Is there an end to this madness?

However, I do have one question. This goes out to the Catholics in Florida who think this kid deserved lethal injection, “Um, would this count as transubstantiation?” IJS!

  1. […] It’s a public-relations-in-a-pinch story from the UK’s own Daily Mail, by way of the Vatican. We all get an enormous guffaw out of the dolts who flock to a local hardware store to check out Jesus window shopping, or the lonely baffoons who want to call Frito Lay and shout, “Praise Cheesus!” […]

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