Greg Laurie: “I still believe”

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, Testify
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A man considered to be “Everyone’s evangelist,” Pastor Greg Laurie, recently experienced every parent’s worst nightmare – he lost his son.

Horror probably overwhelmed him. Heartache certainly overtook him. Yet heaven overshadowed him.

And to every one’s amazement, Laurie didn’t take one Sunday off for bereavement. Instead, according to this story from the Christian Post, he boldly takes his pulpit with heart in hand and says:

“I still believe.”

Could you do that? Few in the Church could be honest – even if rigged to a lie detector – and say that with truth and conviction. He then continued to share a brief testimony to the 1000s of people in his church and the tens of 1000s who have posted heartfelt condolences on his blog:

“Last Thursday was the most, I’ll be honest with you, the most devastating day of my life and I felt like time just stood still and I couldn’t imagine this happened,” Pastor Greg Laurie told church attendees as he fought back tears. “But I knew he was in Heaven.”

That saving grace is what rescues us all in times of crisis. That peace surpassing all understanding can only come from a God who is alive and can be touched with our feelings. That feeling of security enabled Pastor Laurie to say this:

“I couldn’t think of any place I’d rather be today than at church, worshipping the Lord,” Laurie said during one of Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Sunday services in Riverside, Calif.

You know, I don’t care what anyone has gone through or endured. When you experience that kind of tragedy in front of the entire world and can still stand proud with Jesus by your side, that action alone is enough to make all Christians going through a problem to reconsider the pain, count the cost and shout, “Lord, I still believe too.”

Greg Laurie, thank you for being a living epistle and clear reminder of the faithfulness of God.

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  2. riversideliving says:

    That brought tears. I knew he wouldn’t take a Sunday off. That’s not like him. My daughter and family have been going to Harvest for years and I myself have seen Greg speak so many times. It just felt like so close to home. I can’t even imagine what it would be like losing my child in any circumstance. Anyway, thanks for the post and the comment.

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