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The article on that alarming study is here in USA Today.

You know, it’s no surprise. Why would it be?

You’ve heard the adage, “Behind every good man is a great woman.” Old sayings become old for a reason – they work!

Since the book of Genesis, the move of God has been instigated by the work of women. Check the annals of Christendom and you’ll find church pews are warmed largely by women. Why?

  • Inability – Back in the 18th & 19th century, the man would hunt and drag it home. Work was his job, so when church came around, it was considered an “optional” family outing. That even happens today.
  • Apathy – Men are more logical and because of that, many men throughout time has have to rationalize the reality of Christ. Women, on the other hand, can get a cold chill and their booties scurry to the first revival service they find.
  • Genealogy – I’m sure the percentages triple or quadruple when you consider the amount of women versus men that pass a relationship with Jesus down lineage. Many fathers want to teach the kids common sense, and leave the “spiritual stuff” to mama. Pity, huh?
  • Progeny – As much as I don’t like admitting it because I’m such as sap when it comes to my own lil’ Wall watchers, women indeed do have a stronger innate familial bond with the kids. They carried the children, we didn’t. Why else is one reason there are so maaaaaaaany single mothers? Those sorry paycheck dads have an “out” – no bond. When you are connected to your kids, you push moral, ethical and definitely SPIRITUAL strengths. Who does a lot of that? Women.
  • Responsibility – Many men – in and out of church – don’t feel the need to proselytize in the home. As long as prayer is being done by one person in the home, then both do not have to participate. Well, not so much, and it’s obvious that mindset has adverse effects in the sanctuary.

To that, I say one thing: leave the statistics alone. Think about Jesus. Everywhere in the Bible, we read one constant, HE is alive!”

I don’t care about a gender-neutral world because it liquidates man’s true responsibility when it comes to living as a Christian. The Bible was written about “man” because back then, man was supposed to be teaching the Word. He usually didn’t and the women had to have “secret bible studies” (work with me here) to learn about God.

Jesus was a man, and guess what fellas? That means you have an innate bond with the one who carried your sorry tails! We need to be MEN in the home, on the job and with our family. It’s our job to exemplify Jesus Christ wherever we go.

Why else is it so difficult for younger people to come to Christ when they are told, “Your FATHER in heaven wants to have a relationship with you.”

Men, how’s your own relationships? If they ain’t good, you could be stunting more growth than just your own. In short, get back to church!

The Wall has been plastered with visits and commentary to my inbox (Hey yo, PUT THE POSTS ON THE WALL. Everyone would like to read them too, you know) about Jim Adkisson, a man that went all Elmer Fudd inside a Knoxville, Tenn. church.

In the original post, HiScrivener scribed:

If your life is so terrible, why make that other people’s problem? As details develop from this story, we’ll discover Mr. “Dude is surely warming a seat in hell” had beef with someone in the church, woke up and decided to use the place as target practice.

Well, that appears to be regretfully true according to this story from FOX News:

“It appears that what brought him to this horrible event was his lack of being able to obtain a job, his frustration over that, and his stated hatred for the liberal movement,” Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen IV said at a press conference.

You see, the Unitarian Universalists do not really stick to the biblical plan as in there is no dogmatic issue with being gay, pro-choice or who God really is – some are atheists, polytheists or new age kooks. So, do us all a favor and cast your angst aside about them “not really being Christian.”

I know, but this is still a tragedy and what he did was heinous, regardless of where he did it. And just because some tool has issues with a church’s sociopolitical stance, why the violence? Just stop going there… or better yet, move! But why this carnage?!

It’s depressing, but I’ll tell you… tick tock folks, best be checking the western sky. This stuff is getting grim.

Very few topics get under my dander more than the accepted and nearly welcomed bigotry of Christians in the U.S.

And for further proof that the U.S. Constitution applies to all races and religions, creeds and cultures in this country except Christians, let’s travel to Modesto, California.

There’s this social night spot called Tenth Street Plaza. You know the type, open shopping, plenty of eating and loads of fun.

Well, as in most of these places that attract many people, there is this preacher that uses a curb as his pulpit. Maybe he longs for the opportunity, cares for the lost or just doesn’t have his own church built yet. Regardless, he is there.

Most walk on by, a few stop and listen and maybe even a couple get their lives straight by applying the encouragement street preachers like this provide.

Here’s the kicker: Dude has been doing this for THREE YEARS, and now this:

After peacefully sharing his faith almost every Saturday night for three years in a public plaza, a Christian man was told by the city of Modesto that he and his friends can no longer enter the plaza on Saturday nights, prompting attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund to file suit against the city yesterday.

Seriously?! This is a FREE SPACE, open to every breathing person in Modesto, and because you may not be a fan of his uh, FREE SPEECH, you ban him from not just talking, but coming to the Plaza?! And this is OK?!

I love this quote in the story:

Christians shouldn’t be discriminated against for expressing their beliefs,” said ADF litigation staff counsel Heather Gebelin Hacker. “Sharing a Christian message is not a valid reason for the city of Modesto to exclude our client from a public area where he clearly should be allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights. In essence, the city is offering religious discrimination for rent. Anyone who cherishes their free speech rights should be concerned when the government seeks to toss those rights aside.”

We “shouldn’t be”, but trust me… we be!

What’s alarming is this story doesn’t get more coverage. Imagine if this was Jewish person, black person or a gay person excommunicated from a public place for exercising free speech?! CNN, FOX, MSNBC and yes, Jesse Jackson would be all over that place like stink on shizzle!

This is unadulterated censorship and no one seems to care.

But no, when it’s Christian’s free speech, it becomes the responsibility of the Church, concerned pastors and Wall Watchers everywhere to get stories like this one in Modesto, this from the U.S. Naval Academy or this from the makers of PBS in the public eye, or at the very least, streaming globally in the blogosphere.

Where are the legal factions to stand up on our behalf? I don’t see any flags waving in the wind right now, maybe later?

Now, full disclosure, some street preachers are very offensive and have the tact of Rosie O’Donnell when she was on “The View”. You know the types? Calling women “whores” for what they are wearing, yelling about abortion by posting horrific pictures for the world to see or even those who purposely eye gay couples and go to town about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ecclesiastes 3 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

That includes your free speech. MEMO to annoying street preacher: While your right to speak about anything, anywhere is a guaranteed right galvanized by the U.S. Constitution, you have a greater responsibility to be an incredible witness of the love of Jesus Christ. And uh, calling women and gay dudes those colorful names just don’t cut it.

So, regardless what kind of street preacher this guy was in Modesto, there is no excuse for banishing him from a public place and metaphorically cutting out his tongue. Good thing this isn’t the Middle East or that metaphor would be a reality. Now how scary is that? Won’t the Church do something?!

Yesterday, we posted the breaking news about a dreadful church shooting in Knoxville, Tenn.

After preliminary investigation (and hopefully, treating the suspect like a pinata in search of a mad sugar rush), here are more details, thanks to FOX News.

Jim D. Adkisson, 58, was charged with first-degree murder and held on $1 million bail, according to city spokesman Randy Kenner, who did not know if Adkisson had an attorney.

The slain man was identified as Greg McKendry, 60 [Issue from previous post with sincere apologies… this paint is hard to get off], a longtime church member and usher. Church member Barbara Kemper told The Associated Press that McKendry “stood in the front of the gunman and took the blast to protect the rest of us.”

Just in case you missed that last part about a hero in this story:

A gunman opened fire at a church youth performance Sunday, killing two people, including a man witnesses called a hero for shielding others from a shotgun blast.

That’s appropriate – someone would sacrifice living to save others at a church. Kinda’ makes you think of someone, huh? God bless Greg McKendry’s family and may his memory and heroism live long in Knoxville.

As for Jim Adkisson, I have scooped up stuff left from my dog that I hold in much higher regard than you. Enjoy raising that bail money, you coward.