UCF Student, Christ Kidnapper was impeached

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, Keep it real, On Your Wall
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Earlier this month, we met Sen. Webster Cook from the University of Central Florida.

Because of a dare, some out-of-control testosterone, a severe lack of regard of Jesus and an acute case of COMPLETE IMMATURITY, Cook made local tempers flare and national headlines for “kidnapping Jesus Christ.”

HiScrivener invites all people to read the aforementioned post, but just in case:

  • Dude walks the aisle to receive Eucharist
  • Instead of receiving it (digesting it), he puts it in a Ziploc bag and is affronted in church
  • Looking for an apology for assault, dude holds Eucharist “hostage”
  • Because of an inept ability for people to read the Bible, have a relationship with Christ and think for themselves, dude is accused of stealing JESUS from the Church because of “transubstantiation”.
  • A week later, Eucharist is returned without remorse or apology.

Caught up? Well, in near unanimous fashion last week, Webster Cook was impeached from his student senator post on campus. To which, I ardently say, “Can you blame them?” Yes, I support it. Check out this quote:

At the beginning of the meeting, Speaker Brian Peterson gave a report on the matter to the Senate, “Let me begin by addressing an issue that’s recently received a great deal of attention and cast a negative light on our efforts within the Student Government,” Peterson said. “The situation involving Senator Cook and the Catholic Campus Ministry is an isolated event and one that has interfered with our true purpose.”

“Interfered”?! You think? Your campus was at a standstill with media hounds parked at every exit. Death threats – actual dorks calling for Cook to die over this – abounded. Tomfoolery was present in every news article. And all the while, Cook was probably playing PS3 until the wee hours of the morning using this Ziploc bag as a coaster for his beer.

Yes, he should have been impeached – but not for “aggravated kidnapping,” despite the 1000s of misguided folk who believe he did just that, or if you are of the like of the guy who posted on the Wall in response to the first story, ” This attack on the Catholic faith is no different then Hilter’s attack on Jews.” (No kidding! Please respond to that one!)

No, this kind of ballyhoo gave UCF a black eye, Chuck Liddell style. He held a place of distinction on campus, and to do something most grade-school children wouldn’t think is humorous shows this cat was a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Even though this isn’t a Felony A, it’s still grounds for being a nitwit. Here’s your sign, Webster. Enjoy that.

  1. […] The ironic thing is that ‘Toast Jesus’ is missing his abdomen because Troy just about devoured the syrup-covered Savior. Somewhere, the Pope, those crashing at the Vatican and uber-devout Roman Catholics are complaining about transubstantiation – and we know how sticky that argument can get. […]

  2. […] I do have one question. This goes out to the Catholics in Florida who think this kid deserved lethal injection, “Um, would this count as transubstantiation?” […]

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