Snake charming pastor: Bit for $6400

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, On Your Wall
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Recently, we introduced you to “Pastor” Gregory James Coots, who turns out is an old coot that loves to dance around with poisonous snakes in the middle of church calling that worship.

Well, once taken to court, he impersonated another animal – a canary. He sang like the little bird, copped a plea to avoid jail time for smuggling illegal snakes in Kentucky and has agreed to pay $6400 in fines; subsequently, placed on probation for two years.

Was taking a verse too literally in Luke really worth mortgaging the church? If you wanted to create an illustrated sermon, I’m sure Kentucky has a fair grounds you could have won those slimy, elastic snakes. They’re usually 10 for $10 at the Dollar General too. It would have made the point.


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