Pastor Greg Laurie’s son dies in tragic car crash

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Above the Fold
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Greg Laurie is a prolific pastor and founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship, one of the most regaled churches in America. Recently, he experienced one of the most horrible things for a father – a report of his son’s death.

A tale of grief for some. An obituary written too soon for others.

Christopher Laurie was driving alone on Hwy 91 in Corona, Calif. when he entered a carpool lane and rear-ended a CalTrans truck shutting the lane down. He is survived by his wife Brittany (who is expecting a child in November), and daughter Stella.

Christopher Laurie was only 33 years old.

Times like this, and what recently happened in Steven Curtis Chapman’s life, Christians want to eulogize and bring up great memories. That’s all good, but do so directly, not just in your own crowds.

Greg Laurie’s blog is here, please post your sentiments there.

I have two lil’ Wall watchers, and believe me, age is no subject when discussing the loss of a child. In a dark time sometimes the love of the Church is the only thing that will shed the warmth and healing light of Christ.

God knows Greg and his family (and Christopher’s family too) need that now.

No one knows why terrible things happen to good people, but suffice to say, Christians are all on the SAME team fighting a real enemy. Pastor Laurie, on behalf of all Wall Watchers, our prayers are yours during this devastating time in your life.

  1. colleen provo says:

    my prayers and thoughts are with you…my parents brought me to one of pastor greg lauries sermons when i was only 14 yrs old iam now 46 yrs. old hes message still is in my thoughts to this very day!

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  4. sandra says:

    Laurie Family:

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, Greg you have been an inspiration to many over the years, please know that now we will be pitch hitting for you, Gods Love and Peace

    The Gilbert Family

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