ACLU creates a new war with the U.S. military

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Inside 411, Legal Prejudice, PC is not for ME
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This loosely wrapped rubber band of brothers (and sisters) never cease to amaze with their unmitigated gall, moral turpitude and blinding devotion to snuffing out everything Christian in the name of embracing all that is “religious” in America.

Yet, because of the Constitution – a little trinket that they hide behind as an wall but treat with as much respect as a table napkin – they can wage war against ONLY the Church and no one is the wiser.

Case in point: The U.S. Naval Academy and its cafeteria lunches.

Evidently, for more than a century, this quaint little school in Annapolis, Maryland has lunch and with it, mandatory prayer before the meal. Listen, I can easily concede when the school was created the likelihood of some midshipmen making haste because he or she was a Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim or even an Atheist was probably way out of the question. However, so was the need for a Jesus-frown-face motley crew like the ACLU. Yet, here we are.

Their gripe climbed the ranks of the Naval Academy creating this retort:

“The academy does not intend to change its practice of offering midshipmen an opportunity for prayer or devotional thought during noon meal announcements,” the university said in a statement. It said that some form of prayer has been offered for midshipmen at meals since the school’s founding, in 1845, and that it is “consistent with other practices throughout the Navy.”

I agree some rules concerning religion in public institutions (i.e. governmental, educational, medicinal) should become more inclusive because this country has become the proverbial “Great American Melting Pot,” but how come you never see ACLU attacking any organization that may skew in favor of ANOTHER religion?!

Never has the day gone by that you hear some dank soul from the ACLU exclaim, “Yeah, that rabbinical school is a little too Jewish, so we believe it’s unconstitutional that professed Muslims are not permitted to learn here.” Why not? Because that tool would start a civil war, that’s why!

Evidently, Christians are the poor little fat kid in school and the ACLU is the big-headed bimbo cheerleaders/jocks that do the bullying. And that’s cool?!

Spare the rhetoric about religious inclusion, respect of all faiths and understanding of personal needs, we understand the real agenda. That one focal point you talk about at parties.

It may not be written in your bylaws or expressed in public, but admit it, Jesus Christ (and his followers) is the source of your angst.

Look, those brave men and women need hope AND prayer considering what they are asked to do. If I run the school, prayer stays mandatory but a focus on Jesus is optional. If you want to pray to Allah, bring your prayer blanket to the cafeteria, face east and ask for guidance. Good on ya’. But PRAYER is a healing balm and source of guidance for those soldiers, and to remove that from them is asinine.

But then again, if an atheist was in the same cafeteria, he or she probably wouldn’t respect prayer, act a fool out of spite and all mess would break loose anyway.

You can’t win with religious inclusion in this ultra P.C., uber-sensitive world and there’s the rub.

ACLU serves that purpose but its their agenda that’s heinous. They only attack the Church, not mosques, synagogues or even covens for crying out loud. Just anything attached to God Almighty.

MEMO to faith-based leaders in this country: When will you stop watching them ply their craft from the cheap seats, and get active defending the rest of us that don’t have a voice? Anytime before rapture would be nice.

Or uh, 2012 if you’re a Mayan, read the I-Ching or believe the Roman Sybil. And yes, if you’re Muslim and waiting for the Dijal and Madhi. Perhaps, awaiting the explosion of the Seventh Sun for the Buddhists. [SIGH]

OH GOOD LORD! I’m so thankful I believe in Jesus. The rest of this gives me a headache!

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