FLDS: So many children. It’s about time!

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Follow up
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Well, Latter-day Saints call out the Spin Doctors, he’s baaaaaaaack. (Oh wait, you have already done been down that primrose path).

Good thing, because you kids got some work to do.

America’s most hated baby daddy Warren Jeffs, former polygamist sect leader of the infamous FLDS, is already in jail for statutory rape in Utah and awaiting charges in Arizona. Now, his portfolio increases as the home state to his hi-jinks has decided to ring up some claims on him as well.

A grand jury in this tiny western Texas ranching community indicted Jeffs and four of his followers Tuesday on charges of felony sexual assault of a child. Another was indicted for failing to report child abuse. The charges came nearly two months after the Texas Supreme Court ruled that child welfare officials overstepped when they took all the children from the polygamist sect’s ranch in a separate child custody case. The state had accused the sect of forcing underage girls into marriage and motherhood.

And despite the numerous charges and noted stories about the FLDS looney bin and its YFZ Ranch, its delusional spokesperson is still towing the company line (and smoking some wicked hash):

“We’re actually quite shocked. As soon as we know who they’re looking for, we’ll try to face it,” Willie Jessop, a church member and spokesman, told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday. “We believe in our innocence.”

You know that adage, “You can’t lead a horse to water”? Well, this is one horse that is in need of an entire lake being dropped on him because he ain’t budging, and for the sake of those kids, mothers and the whole LDS church, dude needs to be moved with the quickness.


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