“The Cleaner”: Real life, real God, really good TV

Posted: July 21, 2008 in Networking, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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“Amusement” – a word that basically means, “Not thinking”.

It’s something many people take for granted, but after a sweat-induced, on-your-last-nerve kind of day, you think about ‘not thinking’.

So, after dinner, talking with Missus HiScrivener and turning out the lights for the kids, a little amusement (and some Coke & peanuts) is just the thing.

That said, I like my amusement to come with drama, reality and a sense of ‘that could happen’. Shows like “Law & Order” (any of them), “CSI” (Vegas and NYC, only. Dude with his overacting and tacky tail shades get on my last nerves), “NCIS” (They best bring back DiNozzo), “Criminal Minds” (Shame they lost Inigo Montoya) and others.

Enter one more that will be a permalink in my TiVo – The Cleaner” featuring Benjamin Bratt (who’s been greatness since he starred as Paco in “Bound by Honor“).

This true story is about William Banks, a man who redirects his life in a hospital room next to his wife giving birth stoned out of gourd and begs God for help. This ‘deal’ he struck with God directs him to be an ‘avenging angel’ on earth and dragging every soul he can out of the grasp of drugs, and the enemy.

Did I mention they talk about God? A lot? And it’s real life, so yes, you hear some salty language and see some terrible things. But guess what? So did the Lord every time he looked at your (and mine) sorry self before you got right with Jesus.

I know we talk news here, but given what is typically offered on TV, I would say this potentially great show qualifies as just that. See below for a clip that should pique your interest. The pilot was nice, so here’s to hoping the next couple of episodes are as well, or I’m back to catching Bratt on “L&O” re-runs.

  1. lotte says:

    I love watching The Cleaner. And, to your mentioning of “strong language”… I don’t really get all this focus on it when a person now and then feels the need to use some stronger language in some sort of situation. I mean, don’t you think God knows what’s in our hearts and if we, by using a stronger word (e.g. when the hammer hits our thumb!), means to “take his name in vain” or to call upon dark forces? I sure believe he does! He’s not that much of a dummy, after all, he is way above any of us ordinary souls and he knows What Really Matters, and that sure isn’t if you use a stronger word now and then… Not doing it may portray you (to other people) e.g. as “a better Christian”, but when it comes down to it, it says NOTHING about what kind of person you really are! When it comes down to it, I don’t think we’re talking about counting how many “O* M* G*d”, “Da*n it” or “S**t” you’ve expressed in your time, it’s about much more important things than that! I sure think that the characters in The Cleaner sure says a bit or two about that… I have met many in my time who were “highly regarded” in church and by the leaders there, while others weren’t (because they did not “look the part” or try to portray themselves as something), but these “highly regarded” people sure lead a “secret life” too, which was nothing to be proud about (in any way) and they were often unkind to others (to put it in nice words). But because they played a part amongst the church people, they were met with lots of praise and respect, while others (the really good ones!!!) were looked down upon (often more or less frowned upon!) and not treated very nicely. But they were the ones who noticed people, who were kind, reached out when somebody needed it etc. etc. etc. We are WAY TOO OFTEN way too quick to judge, and somebody using a strong word now and then and maybe looking not exactly like “the good church goer” are often judged by others – very unfairly. We all need to remind ourselves that there is SO MUCH WE DON’T KNOW, and judging is really not our job!!!

    Just a few thoughts – this piece about this series reminded me…

  2. Kliska says:

    I’m going to check it out as well, may be fodder for the ol’ Scribbler blog as well, LOL

    Grace and Peace,

  3. Thanks for the review. I will check it out.

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