Boating supercedes church baptism in Tennessee

Posted: July 21, 2008 in IJS, Legal Prejudice, On Your Wall
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This bleak story from the booming metropolis of Chattanooga, Tenn. continues the trend of loathing Christians without repercussion and an utter disregard for boating safety on the high seas.

You see, during the holidays it can pretty busy on the area lakes. Water sports abound and folk can’t wait to get their sun on. Even if that means getting churchy gets in the way of some sweet bass fishing. Exhibit A would be this tool:

…On the Fourth of July, a local church held baptism services at a public boat ramp for about 40 people. And while the services were taking place, an individual with a boat to launch became impatient and went ahead and put it in the water.

I suppose, holy practice is just another obstacle en route to hydro hysteria for this guy. As such, the people in the lake were about to be target practice in the proper use of speedbumps. Back to the trend of how hating Christians seems to be all the rage, and nowhere near punishable by law, here’s Exhibit B:

Mayor Bob Privett asked if anyone called the Soddy-Daisy Police Department, and Commissioner Shipley said, yes, and that the police arrived and talked to the driver of the boat, but did not give him a citation because it did not seem to be the right thing to do. Mayor Privett replied, “That was a good judgment call.”

Endangering lives, or at the very least – bad boating etiquette. And now, in the lovely township of Soddy-Daisy, if you wish to biblically “sit at the dock of the bay,” you need an edict from City Hall first.

I suppose one refreshing thing out of this story was a comment from the glib Mayor Privett:

“When we get to a day and time that a person can’t respect another person’s religious activity of baptizing, we’re in trouble.”

Prophetic… and pathetic, all at the same time.


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