Mich. pastor launches ‘Gossip Free’ campaign

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, IJS, On Your Wall
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Here’s an interesting story out of Michigan that is getting headlines everywhere (and good for him).

Meet Pastor Kevin Hester of Sanctuary Baptist Church in Coloma, Mich.

Beginning with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Beijing (not really, just coincidence but it read with more drama that way), Pastor Hester wants every Christian to go without gossip for eight days – as noted by his Web site, GossipFree.org.

He said “even though gossip is commonly accepted by people and churches, God takes it seriously. It’s right next to murder in the Bible.”

He’s right you know. Everyone talks about that overweight woman in the choir, “Girl, you know they just keep here up there to make the choir look bigger.” Or what about the 40-year old youth pastor, “Man, he tries so hard to be hip but just can’t pull it off.”

Although religion has been the number one reason for conflict and war in this world, the instigator behind that belligerency has been, “Sire! This is the news from the east.”

So, HiScrivener has just one question, “If I choose to dawn the white ‘GossipFree’ bracelet and participate for eight days, does that mean I can’t post anything on the Wall in that time?” After all, isn’t that the premise of a blog in the first place? Hmmm…


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