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And yet, another one. What a great weekend this will be.

Hope Barack loves Colbert as well. This could be good for his campaign, you know if his team members REALLY care about his outreach to the Church.

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Quick disclaimer: Stephen Colbert is genius. Unadulterated genius. So, he has this smarmy little segment entitled, “Barack Obama’s Church Search.” Good way to close out the weekend.

Enjoy… thoroughly!

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I couldn’t make this stuff up on my best day with a pizza in front of me while watching football in HD.

Check out this story from Australia’s

The ‘NoToPope’ coalition of ruckus supporters chanted, “The pope is wrong, put a condom on!” through megaphones. Some threw red-packaged condoms at the passing pilgrims.

Well, that’s uh… sweet.

“We want to make it clear that we are not anti-religious, and we welcome the Catholic youth to our country,” said Rachel Evans, a leader of the coalition. “Our gripe is with Pope Benedict and the hierarchy of the church.”

OK, so B16 isn’t the biggest fan of safe sex, but launching into obscene jibes and a handful of Trojans and Lifestyles is NOT the best way to get your point across. For grins, why not lube the streets in KY jelly to make the Popemobile crash into a tree?!

And I suppose by saying you’re not ‘anti-religious,’ that would include the rationale for this cutsy quote:

The winner — judged by crowd applause — was a crude reference to Mary, Christ’s mother. The runner-up: “So many right-wing Christians, so few lions.”

MEMO to diabolical diaphragm devotees (nice, eh): The next time you find yourself in a dark room stewing up slogans to picket the Pope, make sure you are not targeting one-third of the globe while you are at it – who just happen to visit the Roman Catholic Church from time-to-time. In the words of that stoic Western philosopher, Bill Engvall, “Heeere’s your sign!”

Here’s an interesting story out of Michigan that is getting headlines everywhere (and good for him).

Meet Pastor Kevin Hester of Sanctuary Baptist Church in Coloma, Mich.

Beginning with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Beijing (not really, just coincidence but it read with more drama that way), Pastor Hester wants every Christian to go without gossip for eight days – as noted by his Web site,

He said “even though gossip is commonly accepted by people and churches, God takes it seriously. It’s right next to murder in the Bible.”

He’s right you know. Everyone talks about that overweight woman in the choir, “Girl, you know they just keep here up there to make the choir look bigger.” Or what about the 40-year old youth pastor, “Man, he tries so hard to be hip but just can’t pull it off.”

Although religion has been the number one reason for conflict and war in this world, the instigator behind that belligerency has been, “Sire! This is the news from the east.”

So, HiScrivener has just one question, “If I choose to dawn the white ‘GossipFree’ bracelet and participate for eight days, does that mean I can’t post anything on the Wall in that time?” After all, isn’t that the premise of a blog in the first place? Hmmm…