MOVE 2008: McCain still not romancing the Church

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Politics
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Barack Obama.

Say what you want about the man. He quotes more scriptures than a Pentecostal preacher during a revival meeting and puts on a facade that he thinks about God more than Mother Teresa’s devoutees in Calcutta.

Even though he has a trunk load full of issues with his faith, and a halfwit theologian can make swiss cheese out of some of his plans to include the Church, it’s working.

Christians love him. The media adores him. And he is several percentages points ahead of John McCain in the polls – namely when it comes to what evangelicals think. So, where are the flowers and chocolates addressed to the Church from McCain’s camp? According to this story from the AP, they dunno.

“George Bush has a very compelling personal story, a very compelling religious experience and in their hearts they believed he was a man who loved the same Lord they did,” said Zylstra [some dude quoted for this story]. “They might not agree with all his policies, but they trusted him that when the chips were down, he would do the right thing. McCain is not a man who incites the same passion.”

However, the honeymoon is over for Christians in this election. Many members of the Church want McCain to be the man because he supposedly supports more conservative and biblical-friendly views, but may not have a choice. Oh wait, they do have a choice – don’t choose at all:

In the ongoing AP-Yahoo News Poll, only 10 percent of white evangelical Christians say they are excited by this election, compared with 20 percent of Americans overall. A third of these evangelicals said they were interested in the election, but half said they were frustrated by it.

Frustration is not a great thing to have in your political camp, Johnny boy. You see, in this country of seemingly uneducated armchair pundits who believe more paraphernalia than the actual issues and voting records of candidates, frustration can be better defined as apathy. That is what keeps folk’s blessed @$$urance on the couch come Election Day.

MEMO to McCainiacs: Figure out how to get this cat to give a testimony without the help of a teleprompter. Otherwise the “Straight-talk Express” may have to shut up permanently. IJS.

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