Josh Hamilton: The new King of New York

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Testify
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Every once in a while, God moves in front of the world and no one notices what is really going on. Tonight was one of those majestic nights at the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium.

What the world saw was the most prolific night in Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby history delivered by a former crackhead who has given his life completely to the Lord and dared him to make something of it – one Josh Hamilton.

A few weeks back, we posted on the Wall Josh’s cover story from SI, which has gripped this nation with his story… er, sorry… his testimony. Let’s call it what it is, Saints. This is a man that clearly went to hell and back… and hell lost. Glory to God for his faithfulness.

Well, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we noted “Jesus hearts baseball.” Tonight was proof HiScrivener didn’t need to be snarky about it and quote Annie Savoy with passion as Jesus did just that.

You see, unless there is a major breakdown in the AL, the Yankees may not get to the MLB playoffs, so this evening could make the last great night that beloved hall of echoes, coliseum of greats and memories will ever see before capitalism and commercialism tears it down to rubble.

And up steps a humble kid with his first large opportunity, a second chance and a heart to serve God.

Then for 28 times (and even 13 times in a row), you saw God Almighty just love on his son as Josh smacked that leather for more than two miles, and dang near equaled what only Josh Gibson has done (yeah, I believe he did it) – mash one out of the park and nail a subway speeding by.

What is CERTAIN to become a movie, Josh Hamilton’s life just got more enjoyable, interesting and worthy of its own Oscar. All the while, you knew Jesus was hearting baseball as his son who begged for the reality of Christ to show up in his life… did. Oh sure, it was well before this night, even before the Texas Rangers gave him a shot back in the bigs. Josh knew God was real, and decided the high he was getting from crack wasn’t worth the buzz after all.

Now, he had 60,000 NEW YORK FANS chanting his name. MEMO to those not a Great Game Enthusiast: Yankees vehemently detest items from Texas… namely the Rangers or Cowboys. And to hear those baseball faithful, who at least half knew what AND who they were watching, chant his name loud and proud was a buzz he had never experienced – until now, until God was part of it.

Tonight, the world saw an amazing moment, a jaw-dropping exhibition of power and a young man live a dream hitting in that park, in that spotlight and then have an opportunity to say that phrase, “I just really want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all of this. I just want to glorify him.”

Then, as powerful as he showed up on home plate… he left, glorifying the Lord all the way.

You may think that’s just a coincidence. Well, ask Josh. He did it, and I’m sure his opinion is different. In a word, “Amen!”


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