Mormon gets boot from LDS for Missionary Beefcake Calendar

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle
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Every time I see a duo of Stepford boys, matching so swell in that posh black poly blend slacks and tie combo, white short-sleeve button down, polished shoes fresh from a military footbox, hair smeared in Dippity-do – and of course, the tell-all matching mountain bikes and backpacks – I always think, “Man, if I was a girl, I would so get those digits!”

Just me? Anyone? Ladies?

Well, 6th-generation Mormon Chad Hardy did. And he got a size 10 footprint on his khakis to show for it (otherwise known as ‘excommunication’).

”I felt like I spoke my truth,” the 31-year-old entertainment entrepreneur said. ”Bottom-line, they still felt the calendar is inappropriate and not the image that the church wants to have.”

Seriously? It’s not like the Mormon Church couldn’t use the publicity with the settling FLDS (and alarmingly fashion-conscious) imbroglio, but what do I know.

The calendar, aptly titled “Men on a Mission,” have sold 10,000 copies at $15 per. Nice. And to think, he took those shots while avoiding the blanket white holy underwear in the picture. Good on ya’ Chad. I hear there’s a church in New Jersey that needs help with fund raising. Enjoy the job market. It’s a tough one.

  1. Heather says:

    I think that no girl should be thinking that they need to get missionaries number because he is serving the Lord… And the only digits he is gonna give you is there church number.
    I Love the worthy Missionaries who are dedicated to there job, and that is serving the Gospel..

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