Fake priest caught eavesdropping at the Vatican

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Keep it real, On Your Wall
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So, there’s this guy in Italy on the prowl for some tomfoolery, but instead of harming personal property or causing bodily harm to someone, he has a better idea.

In his warped mind, this idea is genius because it will not only be forgiven by God – but actually be appreciated by him as well.

You see, homeboy here decides to dawn clerical garb, impersonate a priest, go to St. Peter’s Basilica and listen to confessionals.


Dude! Knock off the liquor store where the Cardinals gets communion wine. Throw hay pennies in the offering plate. Slash the tires in the Popemobile. ANYTHING but this. Although the practice of confessionals is little skewed theologically and adversely affects the reason Jesus went to Calvary in the first place, this is holy ground.

Really. Take your shoes off and tread slowly – that kind of sacred foundation you just tap danced all over. You are inside the Holy See and for grins, you steal that time away from some old lady confessing she stole money from her daughter’s purse.

Oh man. Well, I hope you get very familiar with those 108 beads in your dusty rosary because you will be stroking those for a very long time after you confess this one… to you know, whoever.


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