MOVE 2008: McCain gets endorsement from Church folk…kinda’

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Politics
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It’s been an interesting campaign for Ol’ Johnny boy.

More people talk about his heroic past and his hottie wife than they do about his issues. It could be that he never states them.

You know, except for staying in Iraq for 100 years and forget drilling for oil anywhere near U.S. soil. That said, McCain somehow gets 90 church leaders to gather ’round a table, draw straws and:

…decide to support Sen. John McCain as the presidential candidate who most shares their values.

Nice. The rest of this bit of insight to American voters is here thanks to Christianity Today.

“Who MOST shares their values.” Amazing. The most historic election of this generation gets a battle between the lesser of two evils for the Church. Getting swindled again, folks. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. Run-amuck… oh, you know. How is that the Church gets the short end of the stick yet again?

One end of that masticated rind we have a master of telling us what he thinks we want to hear but also including what he really wants to do and cloaking it as ‘change’, Barack Obama. One the other end of that mauled piece of twig is a guy with ‘float shoulders’ and still can’t figure out if Christians want to vote for him (and don’t worry, the feeling is mutual), John McCain.

That debate was the center of attention at this “Preachers of the Round Table” symposium:

There was agreement to support McCain, but there were differing views about strategy. “There’s no question, everybody was on the same page that Obama was not an option,” he [the cat in charge of the discussion] said.

With this kind of decision making process, it’s no wonder the Church still thinks bake sales are a great way to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for mission trips and renovations. Oh well, back to the ISSUES, people! You do know what those are, right? Just in case, it’s those monkeys on your back that keep making you be the absent-minded tools you’re being right now.


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