The empire strikes back: Freshwater has his own doomsday

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, Legal Prejudice, On Your Wall
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August 26, to be exact. (And yes, that’s him.)

That’s the day WOW (Writing on the Wall) favorite and wall-of-famer John Freshwater will get to appeal his dismissal from his 8th grade science teaching gig at Mount Vernon Jr. High School.

Evidently, he’s got a weed. The school board has a gripe. And we get to watch from the cheap seats. Nice.

For a refresher, hit the link, but for those mice-impaired, here’s the 411:

  • Man keeps Bible on desk, told to get it off. He doesn’t.
  • He is threatened with his job, and sues.
  • That becomes national news and the Wall posts (as does the national news, but don’t worry about that).
  • HiScrivener gets agitated because it’s seems like a peeve – Christianity accepted prejudice.
  • Turns out, Freshwater has an affinity for branding – yeah, as in like cattle – his students

Fast forward to last night. Mount Vernon [Ohio] school board got together to discuss Freshwater, his diligence for God and love of the rod-iron, as seen here in the Columbus Dispatch.

Freshwater was notified last week that the board plans to suspend, then fire him which would keep him from returning to the classroom this fall, even if his appeals process has not been completed.

Well, this should be good and you know, the Google alert will be pegged on this cat. We’ve seen it this far, may as well, right? Oh yeah, and for the haters, enjoy this snippet from the story:

Freshwater remains on the payroll for now.

Yeah, I thought that would get you bent. Stay tuned.

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