Pastor in Houston: “Welcome to the Big T”

Posted: July 9, 2008 in IJS, On Your Wall

At least that’s what pilots flying south will be saying from the friendly skies if Pastor Steve Riggle in Houston has anything to say about it.

Evidently, he is interested in marking his territory for Jesus… with 150-foot crosses at the north and south end of the city limits. I’ve heard about staking a claim, but good Lord man. Are you Paul Bunyan?!

“If we do it here,” Riggle said, “I believe it will happen in Los Angeles, Washington, D. C. and New York City.”

That’s a haughty ambition, and pretty cool at that. But uh, Steve, you may wanna check with a little known organization called the F-A-A.

Flight paths can be a fairly significant and persnickety aspect to your construction plans for Christ. I mean, you’re not eyeing Duluth, Minn. or Billing, Mont. or anything.

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