MOVE 2008: “Joshua Generation” gets its own exodus

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Follow up, IJS, Politics
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As we know, presidential candidate Barack Obama crafty staffers created “Operation Joshua Generation” for its quest to rescue this younger generation to the Promised Land…

Well, actually, it’s all about him reaching the White House, but I digress.

Nice name, right? Catchy, ain’t it? Well, it’s also copywritten and therefore, gone. Nice find by CBN’s David Brody.

The Obama campaign has acknowledged that Home School Legal Defense Association has rights to the “Generation Joshua” trademark and agreed not to reach out to young people of faith using a confusingly similar name.

You would think his staffers would have a computer, access to a library or knows someone in faith-based organizations, but eh. What do I know? Oh well, keep your eyes open for a naming rights contest. That would be an inventive to raise campaign funds, something like “Operation AT&T Generation” or “Operation Cuisinart Generation.”

I think the winner should get a verse of “Kumbaya”, to keep it in the faith family. IJS.

  1. […] rather than trying to crush Barack on TV for being a ‘Joshua’ (Oh, sorry… that name is copywritten. […]

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