MOVE 2008: Obama’s faith base shows more cracks in the foundation

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Politics, Spin Doctor
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We have already discussed the unveiling of the Wizard. This magical, mystical man of faith evidently reads his comics in church, instead of the Bible. That said, you hear about his desire to seemingly liquidate faith-based organizations?

You know, not in so many words. Actually, the words Obama used were, “[I’ve] made the connection between public service and religion in my own life. It makes sense for faith based organizations to help, because, as the argument goes, they know the people who are hurting and where to find them.”

So, in a concentrated effort to get cozy to the Church in their own pew, the Democratic presidential candidate wants to expand Bush’s faith-based initiative. And expand is literal, and this why it’s important to know the issues.

He “signaled he would not fund church groups that make hiring decisions based on an applicant’s religion and would make sure federal money was not used to proselytize.”

Dude, if you are so interested in every civic organization being like the YMCA, then go there. If you want a “Big Brother”, you know where to go. If you want a MINISTRY, I know where to go. Every organization on the planet serves it purpose, and tell me, what good does it do a church… a Bible-believing, God-fearing, Jesus-respecting CHURCH… to hire someone who does not believe in Jesus?

I love this statement from the Catholic League’s President Bill Donahue, where he says:

Any church or religious agency that agrees to take federal money on the condition that it must operate in a secular fashion-in hiring and in disseminating its values-is selling out. If Orthodox Jews running a day care center are not allowed to exclusively hire Orthodox Jews, there is nothing kosher about it.

Look at Billy here, getting nice with the Jewish pun. He’s right too. The EEOC was created for people to have an equal opportunity to work at commercial enterprises, NOT faith-based ones. There is a Supreme Court war here just waiting to be fought. Question is, “Who will be leading the soldiers out to battle?” Stay tuned, Wall watchers.

P.S. Has McCain come down from the mountaintop yet? He’s got some Christians waiting to hear from him.

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