FLDS: Does the “F” mean “fashionista”?

Posted: July 5, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, Good for a Giggle
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So, look out Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and the rest of you budding hopefuls on “Project: Runway”…

Here comes the FLDS ladies from the YFZ Ranch and those hot threads for the fall season.

After the mothers of the Warren Jeffs maverick Mormon compound got their children back – who were once marked ‘Property of the State of Texas’ – they figured those tablecloth dresses, worn overalls and flashback to the days of the Amish could pay big dividends on the open market.

Who can blame them? With all those high society press photos taken during their legal battles, there’s a buzz out there regarding the homegrown high-cotton blends being shilled out from the Ranch. And who knows? With Texas duds made from cowhands on the wild frontier of a Lone Star ranch, there may be an audience out there for things like that.

Maybe, the ladies of the Middle East? They need to be covered from head to toe anyway, why not do it in ‘Sunset Orange’ or ‘Dusky-hued Blue’? There’s even a Web site for this fast moving product. Step right up, or your Thanksgiving table cover could be the dress of “America’s Next Top Model.” Man, that’s hot.

  1. […] they can make back their cash by finally empting out the ranch of all those pesky kids and hot mamas and play “Home on the Range”. You know, get some cows, horses, chickens… oh, and […]

  2. […] not like the Mormon Church couldn’t use the publicity with the settling FLDS (and alarmingly fashion-conscious) imbroglio, but what do I know. ”I felt like I spoke my truth,” the 31-year-old entertainment […]

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