Church bans autistic child to protect its members

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Above the Fold, On Your Wall

Yeah, you read it right… and before you form your opinion, read the entire article here from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

This is tragic. You have a 6’2″, 225 lb. child running at your full speed. If this was in a mall, I’d trip him. In a parking lot, I would kick him. In a church?! What’s my recourse? A quick word of prayer before he caves in my wife, and three other people on my row? He can’t control his urges, and the ones that can have to do it daily. You would think temptation to act out would lessen in church.

Whose side do you take?

  • The child. He doesn’t know. It’s not his fault, and his mother wants to go to church. Why should she have to suffer in silence because her child may – or may not – have a reaction. That’s living in fear, and Jesus would surely deliver her from that, and prayerfully, heal the boy too.
  • The church. Every Sunday, the congregation has one eye on the pastor trying to glean a nugget of heavenly wisdom, and another eye on this big lug praying he doesn’t have a violent outburst scaring the heck out of someone. They are captive in the one place where they should experience complete freedom.

Sad, on both tangents. This church and that family needs much prayer. And don’t worry. The ACLU will stick their nose in it somewhere. So, let me place pen to paper. MEMO to the Anti-Christian…er, American Civil Liberties Union: Attack the pastor with your drivel. Undergird the mother with your mounds of paperwork. Just leave the kid out of your tumultuous cyclone. He’s been through enough already.

  1. Deacon says:

    Usher: Hey Deak, get a load of this one – what would you do?

    Deacon: I don’t know Usher – I don’t know

    Usher: Glad we don’t have to go inside and can fly up into a tree any time we want!

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