MOVE 2008: McCain goes to the mountaintop

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Politics, Spin Doctor
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Blue Ridge, to be exact. For those who aren’t aware, there is a beautifully modest retreat atop of this mountain called Little Piney Cove – home of the legendary Rev. Billy Graham. And he had a visitor recently. Well, several if you include the press corp and secret service.

So, John McCain has heard enough about Barack Obama, ‘Operation Joshua Generation‘ and his – um, you know – brilliance to court the evangelical vote while McCain sits in Arizona thinking about Geritol, Bayer and the absolute best part of his ticket, Cindy. Ahhhh…

COUGH… er, um, as I was saying… COUGH… McCain gets in a plane and then a SUV to visit with Billy Graham and his son, Franklin. Now, the elder Rev. Graham has forgotten more than people will ever learn about diplomatics, but one thing that is engraved in the back of his medulla is NIXON.

Suffice to say, McCain was not going to leave the apex of the Blue Ridge with a signed endorsement, but Lord knows he was praying long and hard for at least a bumper sticker, “Billy Hearts Johnny.”

He does his best though. Regaling memories of his Naval admiral father, his wonderful mama and his truly phenomenal and heroic experience as a POW (God bless him alone for that), he was on a mission to stroke the embers of Americana and earn a fiery “This is the man” from Billy Graham. But not so much.

I do love this quote though from the NY Times story linked above:

Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, had requested the meeting with the Grahams. He called his hosts “great leaders” and said they had had “an excellent conversation.” In response to a reporter’s question, he said, as if slightly surprised: “Oh, I didn’t ask for their vote.”

Hey, uh, Sen. McCain. Since you are that close to God in the mountains and all, did you hear the thunder crack as you told that lie? I’m just wondering. Oh well, it’s about time. You gots some ground to catch up on. Will it be too late? M.O.V.E. ON!

  1. hiscrivener says:

    “Go to church” to run as a Christian? Not at all. After all, anyone can say it. Some just are saying it better than others, see Barack Obama. From the cheap seats, he [McCain] needs to be more vocal and much more active at courting the evangelical vote.

    They are searching for the candidate that wants to be on their side. Over are the days of evangelicals begging to be on the side of the Golden Calf en route to D.C. I think more important than wanting to be heard this year, is wanting to be right.

    I hope the ‘Women for McCain’ spread that Gospel too. For his sake.

  2. John McCain doesn’t need to actually go to church to run as a devout Christian, and he doesn’t need to actually be baptized to call himself a Baptist when campaigning in the South. Go McCain!

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