MOVE 2008: Interviews Wanted?

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Keep it real, Networking, Politics, Spin Doctor
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ATTENTION ALL WALL WATCHERS: in response to e-mails ( and other requests, here is the situation…

The M.O.V.E. 2008 train is picking up steam from McCain’s and Obama’s camp. I even got a note from some dude in the Libertarian Barr camp. So, open up the floodgates and dawn your inflatable floaties, time to put up or… well, glub, glub, glub.

With more than 20 years in the media and public relations, I can help you put your mission in motion. Interested in an interview before a religious-minded crowd?

You get your exclusive post with designated ISSUE-CENTRIC questions. I could care less about partisan mish-mash. This is about the issues. If you are down, I would love to hear from you.

Believe me, it’s worth it. You should come over across the Wall and take a look at my rolodex sometime. 20 years pays off immeasurably with a single BCC broadcast e-mail. So there it is… MOVE ON!

(And for more about this series, check out the search bar and enter “MOVE 2008”).

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