E-vangelist Bill Keller asked to have real talk with IRS

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Keep it real, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor
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A while back, we posted a blaring, cacophonous fraud alert about Internet evangelist Bill Keller.

Fast forward to a few days ago, and we find Keller, his editing skills and still rocking the hair product, in a terse imbroglio with none other than the I-R-S. Billy, that spells another word for you and your editing bay, “T-R-O-U-B-L-E.”

Other than violating the trust of his ‘supposed 2.4 million’ followers with that faux Oprah report, he has apparently transgressed against his tax-exempt status. You see, preachers of any church, anywhere are not permitted to publicly endorse or oppose a candidate. Keller, probably amidst another Ulead session, crossed his pinkie toe across that invisible – but all too enforceable – line when he said about Mitt Romney:

“A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for Satan.”

Getting nice with the biblical scare tactics. Get that. The closest thing he had to a “Reagan republican”, Keller decides to call him out for sacred underwear. BTW, this is the same guy that told his e-flock Barack Obama was not a Christian. Closest liberationist? Maybe. Not a Christian? Like you know!

Here’s another quote (courtesy WebCPA.com):

[Keller] insists that his statements should not endanger his organization’s status with the IRS. “We did nothing to violate our tax-exempt status at all,” he said. “I have every right to educate people on spiritual matters and I have every right to deal with issues from a spiritual point of view. I have never endorsed a candidate and I never told people who to vote for and who note to vote for.”

Educate on “spiritual matters,” indeed. And evidently, you do that fairly well with a good navigation of the Holy Writ.

However, using these fear-mongering words in a public forum really gets under the dander of the feds, dude. I thought you knew that by now, or is all that Dippity-do sinking to through you scalp and affecting your memory?

A “vote for Satan,” seriously? I thought that was usually done with bad living and you know, never giving your life to Christ. The only ‘vote’ Belial is the one to reign in a person’s life.

Billy, Damien here isn’t running for office, nor does Mephisto have the car keys to drive his soul to 1600 Pennsylvania. That comment of yours was our of bounds, and you got issues for saying it.

Edit your way out of that, bro. Who knows, maybe it will get some play on GodTube and you’ll be in the clear.


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