Report: Atheists and God have new understanding

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Denominational Fun, IJS, Networking
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There is nothing more humorous than someone abusing the English language and believing they are contributing to it [COUGH… Al Shaprton… Jesse Jackson… COUGH].

Take the classic skit, “Booked on Phonics” from ‘In Living Color’ (apologies to Wall watchers for the risque content, but it was the only one I could find.)

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That hilarity reminded me of something I saw in the news recently from the Pew Forum. You see, even religious groups find themselves in a quandary of saying what they believe, and believing they need to take Noah Webster out on a date.

You see, according to this chart given in the aforementioned report, many groups of people believe in God but may not follow his word implicitly. And that includes…


Let me break this down for you, free thinkers out there. You see, the derivative of these controversial words are Greek:

  • “Atheos” meaning “to deny the gods.” A is an article in speech meaning “without” and Theos means “God”.
  • And then there is “Agnostos” meaning “unknowable” from a meaning “without” and Gnostos meaning “knowledge”.

That said, referring to this slick graph, 21 percent of Atheists “BELIEVE IN GOD”, as do 55 percent of reported Agnostics.

Huh? I suggest next time these etymology-impaired people decide to ascribe to a particular religious school of thought, figure out what it means. Otherwise, we’ll just assume you need prayer because you have no clue WHAT you believe (like now).

  1. hiscrivener says:


    Initially, I would be remiss if I didn’t compliment your nom de plumb. Very nice. Now, I don’t think it’s self-righteous at all. Yes, I am confident of my own religion and where I stand in the cosmos of it all, but I’m not smug about people being atheistic.

    I do think this survey is hilarious though. If you are truly a-theistic, you can’t believe in God by default (and no, using the humanist copout, “I am my own God” doesn’t apply). If you are an atheist, stand on it but be prepared to intelligently debate the matter.

    If that happens, when a pollster approaches you, don’t say you believe in God, when you can’t. It’s self-aware of the irony, that’s all.

    Thanks for stopping by the Wall.


  2. Superfly says:

    Just a little self righteous?

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