Pope Hillary I? Huh?

Posted: June 28, 2008 in Denominational Fun, IJS, Politics

I fancy myself as a wordsmith. I chose these little descriptors carefully to describe what I am discussing. As should we all.

You know, I don’t call athletes, HEROES. That description is reserved for those brave men and women that have served our country, or others saving lives (i.e. firefighters, police officers). Just because you can run through a punishing front line doesn’t make you heroic, it just makes you worth the millions of dollars you get paid. I love to cook, but I don’t say “This meal is to DIE FOR.” That exclamation is reserved for your country and family.

Anyone feel me out there?

That said, former DNC (Democratic National Convention) chairman Terry McAuliffe rather thinks outrageous, inane and jeering hyperboles are fashionable. I mean as in, “Satan, may I please have a glass of water” statements. You see this ridiculous story?

He said, “She [Clinton] will have a bright future despite having to end her presidential bid no matter what she does. If she wants to become pope, it doesn’t matter.”

Seriously?! MEMO to this tool with no grasp of reality or knowing the limits of someone’s abilities: If you thought conservative America ate her up during the primaries, wait until the closet rednecks of Roman Catholicism get a hold of her.

Move over B16, heeeeeeeeeere’s Hilary. This is a church that has a slight issue with women in the pulpit, and McCatholic here wants to put his boss, er… friend in the Holy See. As if foreign relations weren’t that tense already. I know the Pontiff will not be sending out a statement on this, but if he did, it would probably begin with, “Oy Vey!”

P.S. Before you ask, Yes. HiScrivener already knows about the highly contested Pope Joan, but I’m sure that will coming to the big screen any day now.

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