Pastor Ted Haggard has an old ‘spring’ back in his step

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, On Your Wall
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Ted Haggard? Pastor Haggard? You remember the name, right?

He was former president of the uber-influential National Association of Evangelicals. He grew and pastored a church in Colorado Springs that attracted 1000s of folk every week. He probably even trolled streets looking to rescue lost puppies.

Nonetheless, his squeaky clean visage hid a diabolical scar. Underneath that mask was a man who paid for male companionship… and his methamphetamines.

OH, THAT TED HAGGARD. Yeah, well… the man’s got chutzpah. He’s back in Colorado Springs. Note this story from the AP for more details.

Imagine [cue harp music] you’re in a small town, known as one of the big boys on the block, and you do THAT. ALL THAT. And admit it.

Now, you are shunned away by your church, your neighbors and uh, the law. You are disgraced, humiliated and abhorred by many in ecumenical circles. You forsake everything to go create a ‘spiritual restoration program’ (And what’s that anyway? A novelty weekend getaway for misanthrope preachers?)

Fast forward a year-and-a-half, and you are basically forgotten in the news. You can go anywhere where folk don’t you… like, uh, the polar opposite of Cheers. However, you remember the snow and all that fanfare and go straight back to the Lion’s Den. WHAT?!

Ted, you aren’t the Prodigal Son. You can go to someplace where it’s warmer, like Belize or the Congo. Take care of your family, and most importantly, of yourself. Say what you will about his sin. Ted Haggard was at one time an incredible example of servanthood for God. Who knows what happened? Who cares? What’s important is he will prayerfully get restored and serve God… far, far away from the limelight.

Heaven knows his family deserves that much.

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