God sighting of the month: Baby Jesus

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall
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Never fail, it’s here… or should I say ‘He’s here’. And this time, making a special appearance in a sonogram.

Yeppers, evidently the Son of God doesn’t get enough pub – what with the Pope, politics and preachers – he’s got to bump a child out of his first “Hi Mom” pose.

Florida residents Joaquin Garcia, and his baby mama Amy Janer, say baby is on the right and that’s the King of Kings sneaking a mug shot on the left. See his lips, goatee, nose and left eye there?

Well, apparently they did.

You see, when people are desperate to hear from God, anything can happen. Some are delusional like Manson, Jones and Koresh and others are innocent like Amy here. According to the story, she had a miscarriage before this child and believes that this diorama was all she needed.

I guess it worked because Amy and Joaquin delivered a healthy 8 oz. baby. Proof, if God can use the bone of a donkey, he’ll use anything to get our attention, even the crevices of a woman’s placenta to say, “Hi Mom.”


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