FLDS: In need of a Father Figure

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, IJS
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I know, utterly ironic, right?!

The church… eh, cult known for creating more offspring than a pair of rabbits on a deserted island has been orphaned, in a funny sense.

According to this story from the Houston Chronicle, FLDS has no leader because Jeffs is in lockdown and no one else seems to know how to take the lead of the stained pulpit vacated at YFZ Ranch.

Never fear, just in time for political season, even Warren Jeffs has a ‘short list’ of candidates for succession. Thank goodness. We now bring you back to the freak show in Eldorado.

BTW, anyone hear George Michael humming in your ear? Well, I suppose that’s appropriate considering folk of FLDS need a little “Faith.” (ROCK ME!)

  1. Boise Leon says:

    I am not an apologist, but a sympathizer of the FLDS. Warren Jeffs did not take control of the group in the traditional way of his predecessors. In previous transfers the keys (celestial marriage among them) were held by a high council (quorum of the 12 in the LDS group). Also the president chose two counselors who would act in his stead if he were ill or disabled. Warren may have burned his bridges and there may not be any theological succession at this point. The authority to elect a new Prophet formerly was accomplished by the council from the vetted group itself. I half expect that someone will suggest that the group has no leader and so the law will be frustrated to find a guilty party for anything in the future. That could prove interesting.

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