Apocalypse watch: Outsourcing the Good Book

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Networking
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Dateline: China

As in the People’s Republic of… As in home to billions of people captive, eh… living with Communism. As in the place known for the Olympics, countless fights for human rights, Tibetian monks and you know, their own religion. As in home to the world’s largest Atheistic country in the world.

Yeah, THAT China.

At any rate, it’s the sign of the times. We are officially outsourcing the holy printing of the Bible… to THAT China. Seriously, check out this story from the Los Angeles Times.

“We are printers,” said Li Chunnong, the general manager of the plant, which has about 500 employees. “As long as somebody legitimate sends us an order, we will print them.”

This pragmatic mind-set has contributed to the company’s staggering growth. Since its first Bible rolled off the presses two decades ago, Amity has printed more than 50 million copies in 75 languages and exported to more than 60 countries. With the help of a new hangar-sized facility, the company could well be the biggest Bible factory in the world, cranking out 12 million copies a year.

Of course, the only place in this small plot of land you can actually read the Chinese printed Bibles would be in state-approved sanctuaries. Oh well, it’s a start, right?

Amazing. They do EVERYTHING in bulk. Can you imagine how many the Beijing McDonald’s has served? The counter has probably lapped… twice.


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