The empire strikes back: Tides turn for Freshwater

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Above the Fold, Legal Prejudice, PC is not for ME
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Tattoo artist for God?FINALLY, news from Mount Vernon about John Freshwater… only not the kind of news he desired.

In April, we posted a graffiti tirade on the Wall about this middle school science teacher going about his daily grind in the classroom with his trusty Bible by his side… and on his desk.

Months later, he his a household name in the media, has government agencies breathing down his neck for defying ‘the man’ and what have now recently discovered…


Are you serious? Your fight was about religious freedom, not fraternal folklore. I don’t care what you heard was acceptable as a collegiate rite of passage, this is the 8th GRADE, dude. And although I don’t think it’s in your school handbook, branding students like a herd of cattle is not acceptable and could be grounds for termination.

Well, it is. And peace out, John.

Some latitude if you will? The original post was about religious rights and the plight of Christians as the ONLY American group of citizens that has no recourse for prejudice or guile geared against it. Blacks, gays, women, Native Americans, the elderly… name the group, it’s just not cool (and now illegal) to hate on them and perpetrate against them.  But for the Church? Gather ’round, it’s in season.

That was the catalyst of Freshwater’s fight, and we applauded his determination for Christ. But this? Well, suffice to say, you have seen the devolution of a proud zealot for God into a delusional nitwit that has an excess of branding irons laying around.

In conclusion, there should be a space for both theories of how we got here taught in class. No, not because of the founding fathers argument, but because you don’t hear Hindus arguing that point or Zoroastrians fighting for its focus of a cosmic makeover. The Bible and Darwin’s fishing expeditions are – in a word – it.  So why not allow students the chance to deduce? That is, after all, the reason for TEACHING, isn’t it?

WWJD? Not this, that’s for sure. Any time something is burned on my skin for religious reasons, it will be by force. I have read the Bible you know.

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