E-vangelist Bill Keller wants to have a fake faith talk with Obama

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Denominational Fun, IJS, Politics
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The great IggyIn case you have never heard of Bill Keller, don’t feel bad. Neither has Barack Obama. But, in his copy and paste world, Keller hopes that will change.

Huh? Read this story from The Post Chronicle that unveils this self-serving invitation.

You see, Bill Keller is an “e-vangelist” – or an Internet preacher – claiming that 2.4 million people logon to hear his scriptural banter. His domain and e-pulpit is LivePrayer.com. Note the clips, the cuts and of course, THAT HAIR. Getting nice with his follicle hygiene products.

Anywhoo, Keller obviously has a firm grasp of divinity and ontological views of the Bible. He can weave a verbal tapestry of the Bible, but how come he isn’t seen doing it in a church like the old guard? Because Keller has a digital editor, and that is the impetus of this smarmy post on the Wall.

Barack Obama obviously is working on his own silver-tongued retorts for John McCain. He may not have time to sit down and talk biblical shop with Keller, but fret not Wall Watchers, that won’t stop “Reverend Jim”…er, Bill Keller.

Note the technique, the acuity, the ability… to convince everyone he is a loon and is knack for ‘debate’ is actually a shelved instruction handbook in Adobe, OSX, Linux and Ulead video editor. So, make some popcorn, click on the clip and enjoy. This, friends, is too good. Watch his uh, debate, with Oprah and you’ll see what I mean. I’m sure she had time to join him too.

  1. hiscrivener says:


    1. As a son of a two-time and decorated Vietnam Vet, thank you for your service. God bless you!

    2. As an earned Ph.D. graduate of seminary, I couldn’t agree more. Trust me, the devil knows the Bible better than anyone. Keller’s got game, but when you deliver a million dollars (the Bible) in a crappy brown bag (that farce of a video debate), odds are folk will just throw the bag away. There’s something to be said for homiletics, apologetics and hermeneutics.

    3. “Jesus Wept” is an important scripture with a powerful truth, and you conveyed that well without having the location. In other words, I can quote many important people in this world without knowing where they live. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit to the Wall. Come anytime.


  2. This is an obvious cut and paste job. With no biblical scripture reference. Even though this is made by comments obviously was cut from the Oprah show. And this guy is going off on a tangent. All a xtain has to do is believe that Jesus died for thier sins. That is it. But see church doctrine, created and enforced by the Catholic Church and all other xtain divisons follow the crap that the Catholic Church shoveled into peoples mouths during the Inquisition. Bill Keller had that right but didn’t really use biblical scripture to show what he was talking about. Billy Graham the famous televanglist that didn’t try to push his own beliefs on everyone else who didn’t say lets look at this passage in the bible and then makes his whole sermon on one passage. Billy Graham, he made a sermon on whole chapters whole books in the bible. He explained things in those passages and what they ment and rarely went off on tangents and said the bible said things that it didn’t really say. I am sure if you ask Bill Keller what the bible passage “And Jesus Wept” (i dont know the correct book chapter etc at the moment.) Bill would probably tell you the reasons but not say what the bible means. But if you were to ask a different pastor that pastor would look at you funny and go over with you the subsequent passages to find out why he wept and that would answer your question. That is an example used in many seminaries including the Multi-Faith ones. While I was in the army I took a Chaplin correspondence course which was basically seminary of a bunch of faiths. Because a Chaplin can’t just teach about one religion a Chaplin’s job is to be able to support every service members religion. While there are many Chaplin’s that only teach one thing there are very few Chaplin’s that will teach and help every service member, through thier own religion. Bill Keller is no more than a Snake Oil salesman who is truly ignorant. And probably never went to a real seminary. (not like i did either but at least I had a Chaplin tutor that did goto a real seminary and I could talk to him in person about certain things.)

  3. hiscrivener says:

    Re, well said. Lovely connection.

  4. Re says:

    I actually love and dispise people like this all at once. I dispise them because they act nothing like the man they worship, do no actual research, and are dangerious to young minds, making us think that the only way was something that was done mainly metephorically and by human hands. I love them because they make me feel good about the intelligence of most people I know by comparasin.

  5. tothewire says:

    Bill Keller is full of blasphemy against the Constitution and the Fist Amendment!

  6. […] post info By hiscrivener Categories: Keeping it real, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture and Spin Doctor Tags: bill keller, God, irs, tax-exempt A while back, we posted a blaring, cacophonous fraud alert about Internet evangelist Bill Keller. […]

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