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On June 7, we posted on the Wall about an anomaly in public transportation – a state-codified license plate.

NiceOh sure, you can have an ichthus on your bumper, a Jesus sticker in your window or even use a vanity plate reading your favorite verse or Jesus phrase.

However, imagine having a choice of a cross as common as your alma mater or SPCA commitment. And they [COUGH… ACLU, ATHEISTS, PC-FREAKS… COUGH] said it couldn’t happen. Evidently, THEY don’t live in South Carolina, which bravely voted to allow the local department of transportation to consider this venture.

Well, we set the over/under at four (weeks) for legal action to bar this harmless action. If you took the under, you would be rich. It’s only 13 days later, and the New York Times has broke the story.

The group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, filed the lawsuit in Columbia, S.C., on behalf of three Christian clergy members, a rabbi and a Hindu group from the state, arguing that the license plates violated the Constitution…

…Approval of the plate “was a clear signal that Christianity is the preferred religion of South Carolina,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, the group’s executive director and a United Church of Christ minister, “and obviously we don’t believe the Constitution allows this.”

Back to PETA… er, the SPCA for a minute. Does approval of proclaiming Bob Barker’s mantra on the your license plate illuminate a clear signal that pets are the appropriate companion of choice? I suppose that would offensive to those you enjoy… you know… humans?!

At any rate, I said it once and I’ll say it again – and if you know anyone in the Palmetto State, help HiScrivener say it as well – get to prayin’ South Carolina! You could create history, or just become another dreaded statistic of the ACLU and a victim of only group of people that is legally sanctioned for prejudice – Christians.

Summation of a sectThe world population clock is sans one as a 16-year old boy leaves this planet because of religious belief. No, he’s not a martyr in anyway, just a victim of religious brainwashing.

Note this disturbing story from FOX News.

Neil Beagley of Oregon City, Ore. belongs to an odd sect called “Followers of Christ.” And now, the dreaded sarcosanct oxymoron that has troubled genuine believers since 1879 – Christian Science.

Although this splinter group that says they aren’t affiliated with any other, they are responsible for propagating these “scientists'” one chief dogmatic delusion – people don’t EVER need, or should REQUIRE a hospital, only Dr. Jesus and his holy house call.

You see, young Neil had a urinary tract blockage that went untreated, allowed urea to get its toxin in the bloodstream and he died. Evidently, this twisted sort of allegiance runs in the family, according to the story:

In March, the boy’s 15-month-old cousin Ava Worthington died at home from bronchial pneumonia and a blood infection.

Her parents, Carl and Raylene Worthington, also belong to the church. They have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and criminal mistreatment, and their defense attorneys have indicated they will use a religious freedom defense.

After earlier deaths involving children of Followers of Christ believers, a 1999 Oregon law struck down religious shields for parents who treat their children solely with prayer. No one had been prosecuted under it until the Worthingtons’ case.

I understand faith and divinity. Faith is a hallmark to any espoused Christian. I realize when you are sick, it’s refreshing, rudimentary and respectful to God to pray for healing. However, MEMO to all the Mary Baker Eddy disciples out there: EVEN JESUS RECRUITED A PHYSICIAN TO BE IN HIS DIVINE DOZEN. And – here’s the kicker – he wasn’t even a Christian when Jesus requested his company.

His name was Luke, maybe you’ve heard of him? Good writer too but I doubt you have read his best-selling book. Last time I went into a bookstore in one of your “churches”, I couldn’t locate a Bible. But hey, next time my walk with Christ require teachings on yoga, TM and my ‘inner child’, I’ll make sure to visit again.

Pontius Pilate was marked in infamy for washing his hands after the throngs demanded Jesus’ blood over Barabbas’. He didn’t want the blood of Jesus on his own hands, reluctant to execute the man who would be King. QUESTION to Neil’s parents – and the rest of the ‘Scientific’ nation – where do you think this boy’s blood will land?

Try washing that off… it’s a stain that bleach can’t even remove.